What Some of our Clients Saying

Kyalami Schools (NPC), which incorporates Kyalami Prep, Beaulieu Prep and Beaulieu College, provides an outstanding quality of education to all its pupils. Its identity as a ‘Thinking School’ is at the heart of its work, whether it is encouraging children to think about others or to think things out for themselves.

A unique ethos of aspiration, reflection and improvement permeate the schools at all levels. Our staff and pupils are receiving a very special opportunity to learn about real life skills, values, how to think and question effectively and how to prepare for a happy and successful life.  Our schools fully meet the aims of our vision statement which is to be a ‘creative and thinking school’ developing its pupils to become global achievers equipped with the skills to compete in a global environment.

The focus on ‘thinking skills’ across the schools plays a significant role in teaching pupils how to learn effectively. It is an important factor in the good progress they make and in their preparation for high school and later in life.”